Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blackberry Battery Life

Hey Guys,
My friend reported a problem with his Curve 8520.
I have a Curve 8520 as a backup at home and the problem was that by the end of the day his phone was off...
Now he does nothing major on his phone just couple of phone calls and text messages.
Now i tested my Curve and was seeing the same problem until i calibrated my battery...
The way you fo==do that is you deplete your phone battery to 20% (THis works on all the phones not only blackberry) and then you charge it immediately doing this once in a month for 3-4 months should take care of your battery...
The only problem in Blackberry is that once your Battery reaches 5% your Radio turns off and as far as I know only blackberries do this.
For eg. If you are in a urgent need to call someone and your phone (blackberry) runs out of battery what will you do???
Good question don't you think?
If you have an answer for it reply rite here in a comment

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Few things that alot of people talk about if you own a BlackBerry or not doesnt matter!!!
OTA or "over the air"
a link that can be accessed from your mobile device's browser. Your file will download directly to your device "Over The Air"

This is your Blackberry's operating system. The tour released with version 4.7 and now can be updated to 5.0. The version of your OS can effect the type of theme you can install.

Today or "hidden today"
A feature in the theme that lists either calendar items or unread messages when you scroll over corresponding icons.
Today is a type of default layout that shows messages and calendar icons along with the "today" lists, separate from the standard icons.

QuickLaunch is a great paid ($4.99) app that launches a menu on your homescreen that has a list of shortcuts to various apps, and links for easy access. Most of my themes launch this app (if you have QL installed) when you hit the spacebar on your keypad.

Wallpaper Friendly
This just means the theme allows full or nearly full visibility of your background image, or wallpaper.