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Hey guys,
This is my last post for all my sites -
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Hey guys,

Hey guys,
I havent been posting here because i have my own site same as this but hosted by me its about the same topic as this
Themes are there.
All content that was here is also their too...

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My new site -
Its the same as this blog guys... please go on that

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New Site! Blackberrystuffdbest Is Closed New Site...

I finally purchased a site of my own on JUST blackberry's!
ALl the content that was here is now on that site...
I am adding forums etc to it...
you register on that site and be a part of the lovely community!
Please forward to friends and family as i will no more post here...
Thank you.

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Just A Little Note!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to make you aware of my tumblr!!!
Its not related to blackberry but i would love it if you all could check it out thxx!!!
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Btw themes coming up by tomorrow!!!

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Please Do Me A Favor!!!

Please do me a huge favor and forward this blog to other people and come on this more often pleasee thank u...
Any themes in specific for a specific device???
Leave a comment below or email me at -
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Why In The Name Of Heavens Did RIM Choose To Build A Smaller Tablet

The Globe and Mail posted a really great article yesterday titled RIM makes a play for its future that walks through a lot of the back story leading up to the creation of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and how RIM is positioning themselves for the future. I definitely recommend reading the full article, which looks at both RIM's success and the challenges and opportunities they face moving forward.
Relating to the BlackBerry PlayBook specifically, the article helps us to confirm some of those early rumors we were tracking going back to the first whispers of a tablet (that RIM was originally thinking about doing a tablet based of the BBOS, but after the iPad got announced knew they had to do something more ambitious) and confirms that the product development cycle for the PlayBook was extremely fast.
The article also gives us some insight into why RIM chose to build a smaller tablet with a 7" display, vs. going with a bigger size like the iPad. The decision comes back to Todd Wood, RIM's head of Industrial Design, and his team:
"Mike (Lazaridis) asked me, ‘What would you think of a bigger BlackBerry?' " Mr. Wood says. The task was twofold: create something that actually looks different than older BlackBerrys, but sets a design precedent for future ones.
Mr. Wood sent his people out into the real world to look for inspiration. They came back with a theme. Many of the things people carried around with them - paperbacks, Moleskin notebooks, DVD cases - seemed to conform to a certain size.
If the PlayBook was to be truly mobile, Mr. Wood believed, it would have to be roughly the same size, something a person could hold with just one hand, unlike the iPad. The designers and the engineers agreed a seven-inch screen would meet that goal and still be able to fit the PlayBook's brains - a high-powered circuit board sandwiched between two batteries - inside.
Over the summer, Mr. Wood's team of industrial designers began to build the first PlayBook mockups, first out of foam, then plastic, and finally the initial working versions, which were in place not long before Mr. Lazaridis took to the stage at San Francisco's Moscone Centre last September and unveiled the PlayBook to the world.

Tech Insights Tear Down The Blackberry Playbook!!!

Although there are a few tear downs circulating the web for the BlackBerry PlayBook, one common analysis of them all is that Research In Motion chose some great parts for their first foray in the tablet world. Tech Insights now has their tear down up and available for all to see, although they are still updating with a lot of information -- plus, whatever is in the reports that have not been released as of yet. If you're into the knowing what makes the BlackBerry PlayBook tick then you'll want to give it a look.

Rim Introduces Two Free Spring Themes In Blackberry App World!

RIM is back with more free BlackBerry themes! You may recall back in December they released free Christmas themes, and more recently they released a theme for those with visual disabilities. This time around they have published two lovely spring themes, Roots of Spring and Spring Blossom. Roots of Spring has a sweet tree wallpaper and flowers and suns sprinkled throughout. Spring Blossom has a pastel BlackBerry wallpaper and a more subtle look throughout. Icons in both themes have a glow to them, which is a warm touch. You can download these from BlackBerry App World for free! They're compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black Ops FREE Theme OS6 ONLY 9700 And 9780

Hey guys,
Yes today i have made a Black Ops theme for 9700 And 9780 OS6 ONLY.
Icons Used - OEM OS6 Black And Red
Wallpapers - Black Ops

Link -

Hope You Like My Theme!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ferrari OS6 Theme 9700 And 9780

Hey guys,
Another request on my group :D
Anyways here it is -
Ferrari OS6 Theme!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all like it...
Link -

Tweaked OS6 Theme For 9700 And 9780

Hey guys,
This is something i wanted for ages but never requested for it...
Anyways today i made it myself
Have you ever wanted to see your wallpaper even if the tray is up?
Dont u hate it when it darkens up your wallpaper and it doesnt show through completely?
Well now its fixed!!!
Link -

Chelsea Football Theme OS6 FREE 9700/9780

Hey guys,
My group wanted this as a theme as well so here it is!!!
It is a default OS6 homescreen, default icons, awesome wallpapers etc.
Hope you all like it!!!
Link -

Miami Heat FREE THEME OS5 ONLY!!! 85xx

Hey guys,
I have a group on BBM called - BlackberryStuffDBest (my site)
And people wanted this theme i know other people have made it before but i wanted to make it as well and now that its complete its time for you guys to try it enjoy!!!
Link -

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have My Bold!

Alrighty guys,
I got my Bold 3 a week back i have been updating it and exploring OS6 etc.
Thats why no themes i am making a crucial decision and that is if I download BB Theme Builder 6 then i wont be able to make OS5 themes if i can please let me know thx!
Anyways themes start coming this wednesday! Till then enjoy BLACKBERRy!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OS6 Jscroll For Girls OS5 ONLY 85xx

Hey everybody,
Today i have made a Girls version to my OS6 jscroll 12 icons.
It's main changes are the icons - OEM OS6 icons in Pink.
It has the same SVG file as the old one so its still fluid, simple easy to use!

Link -

My Schedule Of Making Themes

Hey Guys,
I saw that themes have given this site alot of publicity and made alot of you happy!
Well i would like to tell me the schedule of when i will make themes

Since i made a theme yesterday i will make my next one tomorrow so i will give myself one day to study and at night i will think about my theme that i will make the following day.

Rotor -
I make my theme (30mins - 60mins)
I export it into OTA form (2-5mins)
I upload it on MyBBOTA (5mins)
They approve it (1-5hours or a day)
And finally i upload it on and (This Site :P) (10mins)
You all download it!!!

Please keep this in mind but if you need a theme URGENTLY email me at - or take a look on your left and read the about me email is given there as well.
If the theme is urgent for whatever reason i will make it that very day and give it to you.
I will now make themes for "ALL" Blackberry Devices!!! (Recent And Popular Old Devices)

Monday, March 28, 2011

9700 Theme 5.0 ONLY - Luxury

Guys An OS6 version is coming up soon!!!
Anyways i made a free Luxury Theme for 9700.
It is a Zen theme, Has gold icons, luxury/rich wallpapers etc.
Link -


Blackberry Bold 9700 OS6 Installation

Hey Guys,
Today i will tell you a story about me installing OS6 (Official) on A Bold 9700.
So i connected my Bold to the Desktop Manager and in under a minute it gave me a update saying - A newer operating software is available for "xxxxxx's Bold" i said go ahead and update.
It was
After the update there was a big problem...
There was a gigantic memory leak... But i fixed it by installing QuickPull and telling it to restart my phone everyday at 4:30AM.
I hadn't notices this problem until my phone started lagging up and for 2 minutes it didn't respond at all because my application memory reached - 0.0KB
I said "HOLD F**K...
Anyways i will give you further updates on my Bold and videos regarding it...
I also bought myself an original Blackberry Bold 9700 Silicone Case In Black...
Pictures and a review coming up soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blackberrystuffdbest Forum Is Up!


Something New!!!

Hey guys,
I am trying something fun and new on my blog!!!
I'm adding a forum its a static page!!!
Will keep you updated...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

97xx Valentines Heart!

I know its freakin late but hey-who
The theme loooks fabulous try it out!
Link -

OS6 Pink 97xx

Hey Guys,
Got a new theme for you for the 9700!
Its called "OS6 Pink"
It has OS6 icons in pink and is a Zen Format

Link -

Big Time Wallpaper Friendly Theme 85xx

Hey guys,
I have had 2 Accounts on Mybbota and some themes were not uploaded here...
Well here they are -

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OS6 Jscroll For 85xx 5.0!

Hey guys,
Made another sequel to my old OS6 theme.
This one has A Today And 12 Icons!!! OS6 OEM!

Enjoy !!!

Link  -

Curve 3G Review And Comparssion Between Curve 3G And Curve 8520

Hey guys,
Today we will be reviewing the Curve 3G and Compare it with the Curve 8520.
Once again I will start off with my thoughts.
When it first came out i knew this phone will come to the market because the 8520 was lacking 3G.
But it would have been awesome if they could have put a bigger screen, better camera with flash but you don't always get what you ask for and as RIM quotes "The Curve 3G and 8520 are entry level phones" that is why we don't get everything!.
And one more reason this phone is out is because it can be updated to OS6 which unfortunately the 8520 cannot be updated to sadly but some people like me have upgraded to OS6 on a Curve 8520! (Secret and I am not joking) 
Next let me tell what this phone is for only one thing "People Who Are Average Users" if you are a heavy user you should go for the Bold or Torch.
But the Curve 3G, if you are planning on buying this phone for your kids, teens etc. its perfect. The Bold And Torch isn't really for them.
I am not trying to be bias but honest...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Guys!!!

I am getting A Bold 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So now my themes will be only for 9700, 9780 And 8520!
Sorry for any inconvenience...
I will get my bold around this weekend....
See ya!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hey guys,
Updating my 8520 to
And installing hybrid!!!
Cant wait but its a f****** pain in the butt finding
Anyways will tell you how to install, bugs, etc.
Stay Tuned!
Hybrid 4.0
JSL 8520 4.0 (
Available on -
Blackberry Rule!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blackberry Battery Life

Hey Guys,
My friend reported a problem with his Curve 8520.
I have a Curve 8520 as a backup at home and the problem was that by the end of the day his phone was off...
Now he does nothing major on his phone just couple of phone calls and text messages.
Now i tested my Curve and was seeing the same problem until i calibrated my battery...
The way you fo==do that is you deplete your phone battery to 20% (THis works on all the phones not only blackberry) and then you charge it immediately doing this once in a month for 3-4 months should take care of your battery...
The only problem in Blackberry is that once your Battery reaches 5% your Radio turns off and as far as I know only blackberries do this.
For eg. If you are in a urgent need to call someone and your phone (blackberry) runs out of battery what will you do???
Good question don't you think?
If you have an answer for it reply rite here in a comment

Monday, March 7, 2011

Comparison Between All Tablets Including Playbook And iPad2

I am just showing you one picture on the comparison and it has all the details in it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey Guys,
Thx again for emailing me etc.
I am coming up with three new themes
Again requests are always accepted 
Email -

12 Icons On-screen Andriod Icons
12 Icon JScroll With OS6 Icons
6 Icon ZEN Today With OS6 Icons...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

OS6 Updated! 85xx

Hey Guys,
New theme for y'all...
Remember my first OS6 Theme???
Wait You dont>??????????????
Just go back and check. This is a Sequel to that theme!
Link - Click To Download
Enjoy request and questions always accepted email me at -

Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger

It's been a while since we've seen an update to BlackBerry Messenger (either leaked or official) but thanks to our own BigBadWulf we have a new version from the Bold 9650 leak of OS This version is only at which isn't much higher than other versions we've seen floating around. No real news on what (if anything) is updated, but be sure to leave a comment with your findings.
Please note: This is an unsupported version of BlackBerry Messenger so be sure you backup your device before installing. It should run fine, but it never hurts to have a backup :-)

Press Release: RIM Announces Two Additional BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Models For LTE and HSPA+ Networks

Mobile World Congress 2011 is now here and to kick off the show RIM has made a number of announcements, the biggest one being the addition of two more BlackBerry PlayBooks to RIM's tablet family. Joining the already-announced WiFi PlayBook and WiFi + WiMax PlayBook (Sprint 4G), today RIM has announced that LTE and HSPA+ versions of the PlayBook are on the way too. There's no specific word on carriers, or pricing or launch date, but ya know... at least we know they're coming and likely to a carrier near you. Hopefully the wait won't be too long! Keep reading for the full press release.
Press Release

RIM Announces Two Additional BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Models For LTE and HSPA+ Networks

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwire - Feb. 14, 2011) - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced plans to launch two additional BlackBerry® 4G PlayBook tablets during the second half of 2011, featuring support for LTE and HSPA+ high speed wide area wireless networks.
"The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is already being widely recognized for its superior performance, rich web experience, enterprise readiness and deep support for web standards and open development tools. We are now building on the BlackBerry PlayBook's many advantages with support for additional 4G networks that will allow enhanced business opportunities for carriers and developers and unparalleled mobile experiences for users," said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO at Research In Motion.
RIM's family of upcoming BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablets will deliver professional-grade, consumer-friendly experiences that redefine the possibilities of mobile computing. These innovative tablets will each provide users with an ultra-portable design featuring industry leading performance with real-time multitasking and symmetrical multiprocessing, uncompromised high-fidelity web browsing including support for Adobe® Flash and stunning HD multimedia, as well as advanced security features and out-of-the-box enterprise support.
The combination of premium hardware features and design powered by the new and highly acclaimed BlackBerry® Tablet OS and open development tools, along with support for carriers' high speed 4G networks, will provide a high performance platform that enables a mobile services revolution.
RIM has now announced plans to offer four BlackBerry PlayBook tablets:
1. BlackBerry PlayBook with Wi-Fi
2. BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + WiMax
3. BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + LTE
4. BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with Wi-Fi + HSPA+
In addition to the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity referenced above, each tablet can also support:
1. Bluetooth tethering
2. Mobile hotspots (ie. a MiFi, smartphone or other portable device equipped to act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot)
3. BlackBerry Bridge

About Research In Motion

Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the BlackBerry® solution in 1999. Today, BlackBerry products and services are used by millions of customers around the world to stay connected to the people and content that matter most throughout their day. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, RIM operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. RIM is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ:RIMM) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:RIM). For more information, visit or

Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Hey BlackBerry Bold 9700 users, looks like we have something for you tonight! OS has leaked for your device, so if you're into that sort of thing go ahead and give it a go. As always, back up your device data first please. We'd hate to see you lose anything. Let us know what you see that is new and improved.
*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release.

New BBM Commercial BBM Flirt (0:60)

RIM pushed BlackBerry Messenger hard in 2010 and it's looking like the trend is going to continue in 2011 and I'm glad to see that be the case. Afterall, BBM does rock and after years of almost no-advertising from RIM, it'll take a while still before I get bored of seeing them pump out commercials.
This time around it's all about the BlackBerry Flirt (Flirt almost sounds like a name RIM would give to a phone... perhaps a good followup to the BlackBerry Style?). You can catch the 60 second version above and the shorter 30 second version below. It's pretty edgy for conservative 'ole RIM. Good to see. But after watching this commercial instead of thinking about getting girls' PINs all I can really think about is getting my hands on a BlackBerry Bold Touch rocking BlackBerry 6.1 and BlackBerry Messenger 6. Yowza!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day Theme (For Her) 85xx

Hey all,
New theme after a long time.....
Anyways today i am giving you a Valentine's Day Theme For Her (85xx)
I will take requests for modifying, changing device!
Here is a screenshot of the theme  

OTA  -
But will be soon anyways!!! Bye 

Hope you like it
Email me at -
Or comment below for a request!