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RIM (Research In Motion)

These have been RIMS (Research In Motions) latest devices some of use know the few rumored devices!!! WHAT??? YOU DONT???? OMG??????
Well no problem i am here to keep you updated with the latest gossip of phones and in my knowledge i think it is one of the greatest and latest things to know Technology! Anyways without further due here are the rumored devices pics attached enjoy!

Curve 3G 9300

Torch 9800

Pearl 3G 9105

Pearl 3G 9100

Bold 9650

Rumored Devices -
Blackberry 9670 Oxford
Blackberry 9780 Onyx II
Blackberry Magnum (Weird that it has no number anyways)
Oh and to make you guys more happy i have attached the rumored specs of these devices as well please follow along with my blog and comment enjoy viewing my blog

Oxford 9670Onyx 9780 II




Hey Guys

I got couple of theme request emails from some people and i am glad that people actally visit my site and guess what last month 5,155 people i am really happy.

New Phone alert people which i will have every month so you can keep up with the latest Blackberry's well here they are -
Blackberry Torch 9800
Blackberry Curve 3G 9300

And those are the two latest phones only!

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iPhone Site Please Go On It

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Blackberry Bold 9700 VS Curve 8520

BlackBerry Bold 9700

The BlackBerry Bold retails for about $199.99 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile and is one of the best smartphones from the carrier. The Bold 9700 looks almost nothing like its bulky predecessor, the Bold 9000. The 9700 is a sleek smartphone that resembles the Curve 8900, but with leather backing, and 3G wireless.

Pros (in comparison to the Curve 8520):

• 3G- The best feature on the new Bold is the fact that it is the first BlackBerry on the T-Mobile network with 3G wireless. The 3G makes surfing the web less painful than on the slow 2G EDGE network.

• Track pad- The track pad works very similar to that of a laptop track pad and is much easier to keep clean than the trackball on previous BlackBerry's. However, the 8520 also has a trackpad similar to the Bolds.

• Expanded memory- 256MB on board memory is plenty for daily tasks and can always via microSD cards.

• 3.2MP camera- The 3.2MP auto focus camera is a great addition to any smartphone, but fails to compare to the 5.0MP cameras on other T-Mobile smartphones.

BlackBerry Curve 8520

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is the heir to the highly popular 8320, which has been one of the best selling BlackBerry's to date. The 8520 has a new redesigned look, new menu, and great easy to use dedicated media buttons. The 8520 is hailed as the mass market consumer BlackBerry due to its low price, but can it really stand up to the competition?


• Dedicated media buttons- The dedicated media buttons make it easy for users to navigate through their songs without having to take their device out its case.

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Hey Guys

Hey Guys,
Thx alot for visiting this site like crazy!
Thx alot
Anyways now it is time for Premium themes for.... FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plz comment here which theme you would like have made you can also have Name Themes i use Photoshop to make them with specific colors also please if anyone needs help you know the BUTTON - Follow And Comment!
Peace And Enjoy Guys!

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Contacts Info.

Hey guys,
I can thank you more for visiting my site thx alot anyways if you have any more queries follow my blog or email me on -

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Theme Requests

Gimme theme requests and i shall reveal the themes.....

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OEM Green Icon Theme

Hey all,
Am back with a new great theme......... (I Guess lol)
Anyways so i hope you like it and it is green with green cross hair over icons so the icons are downloaded from -
Green Icons -
Cross Hair Over Icons -
Thx for great icons -

Link -

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**FREE** Gold King Theme

Hey all,
Got a free Gold King theme

Icons From - BBThemeLab!!! Kudos to you!!!!

So it is a full Gold theme according to me sort of cool anyways check it out!

Link -
5.0 -

****FREE**** Professional Look Theme

Hey guys,
I Am back thought let me start making a few themes for 8520 as well as i have it kept aside anyways today got some big news i might be starting premium themes but anyways.
SO here we go,
Premium looking theme sort of, leather background, chrome icons

Icons from - Blackberry Theme Lab By Bigpapa
Thx alot for these great icons!

So here it is hope u all like it!!!
Also it was done on request from a very good friend!

Link -
5.0 -

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comparing BlackBerry OS 4.6 And 5.0

Today I will start by Comparing Blackberry OS 4.6 To 5.0 Just To Note The Differences And If You Have Not Updated To 5.0 Yet This Might Be Useful For You!

So Let's Begin -
1st. The Theme on OS 5.0 is much more polished and looks much better than 4.6

2nd. Now Except there being a app for Media there is a folder so for Curve 8520, 8530, Pearl 3G 9100, 9105 (Because of the music keys on top) it is much better as now everything is sorted into a folder for example - Music, Ringtones, Images, Camera Etc.

3rd. The phone runs a little bit smoother and the add-on for Transitions in Themes between menus and home-screens i think looks stunning as it gives your phone sort of a good feel and look to it.

4th. There have been a few Icon changes in OS 5

5th. The profiles selection on the home-screen is much to better for your on custom preferences for sounds better than OS 4.6 in my experience.

5th. In the Images app now you can scroll using your Trackball/Trackpad rather than using "N" And "P" which you still can again personal preference.

6th. In the Messaging App you now have Threaded SMS just like BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which according me looked better, Other than in 4.6 all the messages kept on adding and eventually you had to delete Messages hence in this OS you wont have to!

7th. The Boot-Up screen looks much nicer and does Boot-Up a bit faster rather then just have a Hourglass in 4.6 which sometimes scared me, But in OS 5 it has the Blackberry Logo and underneath that a status bar to tell you the progress of Boot-Up really neat feature!

8th. Now when u lock your phone or let it be idle the screen doesn't just black out, In OS 5 it eventually fades out rather than just blacking out.

9th. You have got couple of new settings in the Options menu.

10th. You also get a cool looking Ice wallpaper in Sample pictures in Images app and it looks pretty good (I have a Curve and only seen it on Curves)

11th. Everything loads much quicker and you see less of that little Hourglass, In 4.6 I used to see alot of the Hourglass.

In My opinion the OS 5 is terrific and Rim has certainly done a excellent job with it!
If you are still with 4.6 dont worry and just upgrade to OS 5 I am sure you will love it!

Blackberry OS Upgrade... for airtel users

Just a question to all. > Why Cant Indian Mobile phone Carriers Release New OS ?

Now today let me start by asking you "Why cant Indian Carriers release the OS that is available outside of India."

For example the OS 5 when I heard about it I was very excited but I was disappointed because it was not available by AirTel (the carrier I use).

So then i started researching and took the big risk of downloading a US carrier OS and updated my Blackberry and then will the process was going smooth....... My berry BRICKED..........

Then again I started researching then i found that the process can only be done on a Windows and since i am on a Mac i was disappointed yet again.........

Though I did not give up. Then after a couple of weeks I was astonished by the experiment I wiped my device and installed a BRAND new OS and it worked and I was really happy but sad as well because once again I say "When Will Indian Carriers Launch OS 5" hopefully for the coming up OS 6 Indian Carriers will "hopefully" launch the OS......

So here is the procedure - Pls try at your own risk.

1st. You Download The OS 5

2nd. You Backup The Device [ very essential]

3rd. You Go Into Local Disk C, Program Files, Research In Motion, Apploader, And Delete Vendor.XML (ONLY IF THE OS IS NOT SUPPORTED BY YOUR CARRIER)

4th. Once Deleted Then You Run Apploader.EXE In The Same Folder And Connect You BB To Computer And Follow On Screen Instructions And Done!!!

5th. Restore Your Device And Do A Few Battery Pulls (2-3) And Done Just To Make The Device Smoother After OS Install.

And them you will have a new OS 5 also please beware that some of your themes may not come back so you might have to download new themes but as they say "There is always a Advantage in a Disadvantage!"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

**FREE** OS 6 Theme V2 Pack Of 2

Ok here we are Jennifer I made your theme here!!!!
No prof rest all OS 6 so now here you are a few more things in the other version so here you are!
5.0 ONLY

Links -
No Prof -

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

**FREE** OS 6 THEME 5.0 & 4.6

Hey all i downloaded the OS 6 Icons from blackberry theme lab, i download it for ONLY Curve 8520, I want to show some <3 for 8520 so here i am just one suggestion what transitions would you like please tell me in order like fade for all etc.
Another good news.....
IT IS FOR 5.0 AND 4.6!!!!!
Theme still in progress i will make one with fade transitions and if any personal requests i will make it if i got time well wait only for 1 day or 3 hours and you will have it ENJOY and please please if you download theme please rate this thread and comment about it for eg -
Pros -
Cons -
Overall -
Just one thing i cant find the exact home screen layout like the silver lines but it will have a 12 icon scrolling dock and 2 icons on banner (profiles and a weather slot type) i dont think it will be awesome but i am trying to make it thx!
EDIT - Guys I installed Windows Emulator On My Mac and I Made The Jscroll I Dont Know How It Might Come Out Looks Good Let Me Get Your Opinion Now So Here You Are The Jscroll!

Jscroll -
5.0 -
4.6 -

Zen -
5.0 -
4.6 -

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Request - Blackberry 8520 Theme Song

Can someone please, please give me the link for the Theme Song For 8520 Like They Have For 9700 here -
Plz help me out thx!
I want it from this video on YouTube -

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BB OS 5.2 And 6.0

BGR’s incredible ninjas have uncovered another secret: Research In Motion has begun to work at BlackBerry OS 6.0 although OS 5.0 is just at the beginning. According to the source, BlackBerry OS 5.2 will become available later this year, while OS 6.0 has an unknown release date, but we’re betting on a next year release. BlackBerry smartphones are good and RIM’s market share in the US is really good, however, the company needs to take itself to the next level and gain more on the European market.
The Boy Genius guys cannot say more for the moment, even though we should expect more information sooner rather than later. I’m simply curious what RIM is doing besides that ugly half-touch half-QWERTY phone that we’ve seen last month. RIM should develop a phone with cutting-edge hardware as well as state-of-the-art software if it wants to outrun Apple’s iPhone. Could the Canadian manufacturer be the first to crush the Cupertino crew? Boy, I’d sure enjoy seeing this!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BlackBerry 9800 slides onto our screens yet again

The more I see this device, the more I like it, and the more I want one. The 9800 has once again been pictured and sent out all over the blogs. This time showing is its horizontal, virtual keyboard along with a YouTube application. It also gives us a better look at the back of the device. All I know is, that device is sexy and I want a piece of the BlackBerry 6 pie. I’ve always liked the abomination of the BlackBerry series, the Storm, but I would like a physical keyboard too. With choices like that and BlackBerry 6, I can see this device going a long way with on-the-fence consumers. Maybe BlackBerry 6 and RIM’s slow approach at some new designs will attract some attention and take off, once again.

BlackBerry Bold 9800 images leaked, show off Webkit browser

It’s always pleasant to wake up to a nice BlackBerry leak, and today’s is no exception. A Cellular Guru tipster has managed to lay hands on a BlackBerry 9800 slider, and has released a few images showing off the new Webkit browser, and the BlackBerry 6 operating system. The browser seems to have a nice page-switching setup, and the 100% on the Acid3 test suggests RIM is taking this whole browsing thing seriously. The device is definitively looking to be a touchscreen (which has long been the rumor), and it looks as though SurePress has been left out (no real need, with the physical keyboard available) this time.
Of particular interest to those of us here at BBerryDog, is a small, relatively fuzzy photo (after the break, along with two other, much clearer shots), that shows the memory screen. Unless thine eyes are deceiving me, the 9800 in question has 3.2 gigabytes of free application memory! This would be an extraordinary step forward for RIM, who, as to date never released a device with more than 512 megabytes (and that’s the brand new Bold 9650). We’ll take this one with a grain of salt for now, but that prospect definitely has us excited. Check after the break for more photos, and let us know what you think in the comments

Monday, May 24, 2010

Photos Emerge of Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 in White and Pearl 9100 Dummy Phones

Blackberry Pearl 9100 Stratus Hi-Res. Images

We were lucky to get our hands on the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Stratus for a couple of minutes. This next generation Pearl is a beauty. What we know about the Stratus:
Has TrackPad
Flash memory has been increased to 256 MB
The camera has a resolution of 3.2 MPX and flash
The screen has been clearly improved compared to previous models, Pearl (for it is worse than Bold or Tour)
It's running OS 5.0 and Platform 6.0
It has WiFi and 3G
The battery door, despite the striking similarity to that of the Storm, is made of plastic
BlackBerry Side layout is the same as the new BlackBerry devices
At the top of 9100 are multimedia keys
SIM card finally be easily removed

Thursday, May 20, 2010

App Review - Fancy Characters v2

With the app, you can add symbols to email, SMS, IM, PIN and BBM messages. The update even adds a tab to BBM 5.0 so you can drop in a symbol with just a few clicks. Check out the video above to see Fancy Characters in action.

Perfect app

App Review - BerryBuzz v2.2.11

Alerts, Your Way!
BerryBuzz extends your default Blackberry alert system. BerryBuzz allows you to customze the LED color for many alert types, it keeps the LED flashing for longer than the default 15 minutes and it will repeat alerts until acknowledged so you will never miss an alert again.

The best app ever using it forever worth every penny...

App Review - MeterBerry v2.0.9

Status Screen
Displays battery, memory, and device info.
Calculates average battery discharge rate over time.
Discharge rate is resettable, allowing you to detect a failing battery, or to determine how operating system updates or third party applications affect battery usage.
Discharge rate resets automatically upon application installation and when the phone is charged.

Calculates change in free application memory since the phone was last started, allowing you to detect memory leaks.

In my opinion this app is brilliant!!!!!


OEM Wallpapers Request

Hey all can someone please give me the OEM Wallpapers of -
Tour 9630
Bold 9000
Curve 8900
Pearl Flip
Please please give them to me or email me at
Thanks or u can post' em here....
OR BBM ME - 21134320

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Theme Builder HELP Meterberry PLZ LOOK

Ok so i have made a new theme but not posted it here as of now and i bought meterberry and want that little temp icon or whatever to show on the banner like few other theme in other Crackberry Theme Forums for eg. 9700, 8900 etc. so how can i please help also i want it in the Banner Not In below the Banner thx in advance!

**FREE** Precision Zen Weather

Hey guys this theme was a request so i made it but then i thought that everyone who wants it can have it so here i am the theme is Precision Zen with a weather slot in the banner which u cannot scroll onto as the request had so here you go Precision Zen Weather
OS 4.6 -
CB -

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**FREE** Cleanberry 5.0 and 4.6

5.0 AND 4.6
Cleanberry theme with 12 Icons Jscroll.
Links -
CB -
5.0 -
4.6 -

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**FREE** Blackberry Curve 5.0 Jscroll 12 Icons

Hey guys I am back again with a new theme called - Blackberry Curve 5.0 Jscroll 12 Icons
I hope you like it also go on Crackberry links below
Link -
CB -

**FREE** Car Jscroll 5.0 and 4.6

Hello everybody here I am again with a BRILLIANT THEME I guess, I hope you like it please comment here, follow me and also comment on CB please Thx.....
OS 5.0 -
OS 4.6 -
CB -