Monday, January 31, 2011

Torch 9800 Review

Hey guys,
Today i will be reviewing the Blackberry Torch 9800.
Let me start with what i thought about this phone.
First off when this phone was rumored i was having double thoughts.
First i thought that maybe RIM could announce this ozone and then i thought no way will they waste their time and money on this phone.
Anyways now that the phone is officially announced i think that this ozone is great for two things " Business and Play".
You might think i am stupid for writing pulpy but it actually is a great phone for Play.
And take my words on it because i own a Torch and i am only 11 anyways i am saying that if you download some games jumbo up couple of GB's memory card that can become a iPhone because you got games, songs and a phone.
I have three phones
iPhone 4, Torch and Curve 8520
I only use the torch and iPhone 4 the curve is just a spare phone i have.
If you are planning on buying a new Blackberry i say go for the Torch or if you have another day then wait.
As i will be reviewing more Blackberrys the recent ones.
But if you like the Torch but you are confused don't be
Go ahead and buy it if you are a child or a business man it is a phone for everyone!
Now lets get to the Technical stuff
The camera on the phone works terrific not as brilliant as the iphone 4 but its still good.
Truthfully speaking the Torch is slow and does lag sometimes but only when its on heavy usage and even when you are going through the menus it does hang sometimes but not always.
It has a 624mhz processor.
The internal memory is really good, 4GB for an average user is excellent.
I have the Torch in White because i like the color White (I am not racist)
But if you are a kid i think the black looks a little too businessy.
The Torch was the first Blackberry to have OS6 and it still has alot of bugs but overtime they will be fixed like the Storm was fixed.
My favorite feature in the Torch is that it is a Touchscreen with a keyboard! And my favorite OS6 feature is Social Feeds.
The battery life is good t
i will not say awesome but good
the talkative on this phone is 5hours and 30mins on 2G and 5hours and 40mins on 3G.
i Think thats all for now watch out for the next review which will be on the Style 9650!

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